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Welcome to SHARE.

We are a food buying group that specializes in bringing you the best quality food at unbelievable prices. Through SHARE's unique food network, thousands of people save money by stretching their grocery dollars.

Our Best Value Package includes a wide assortment of frozen meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, and convenience foods — just like you see in major grocery stores, but at a savings of up to 50% off retail prices! Additional packages, including meat and specialty packages, are also available.

You can pay for your SHARE packages with cash, check or EBT/food stamps at your local pickup site. Online orders require payment with a credit or debit card, or by check.

SHARE Iowa partners with places of worship, schools, and other organizations to create neighborhood "host sites" to make picking up your SHARE packages fun and convenient.

(Self Help and Resource Exchange)
SHARE Iowa, Inc., brings people together to build and strengthen community through volunteer service by providing access to good, nutritious food at affordable prices. We are committed to supporting local neighborhood host sites where all may participate, serve and lead with dignity.
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