If not you... then who?

Giving Back

Part of the focus of SHARE is to promote volunteer service in our communities. You may already be doing volunteer work but if not we strongly encourage you to become involved in making your community a better place. We've organized a list of ways to volunteer according to interests and abilities you may have. We couldn't list every opportunity to volunteer in your community. We are sure there are many other ways to pitch in and lend a hand.

Have a car?

  • Carpool with a co-worker
  • Offer a ride to a friend
  • Bring friends to SHARE distribution day
  • Drive an elderly neighbor to the store or appointment

Have a phone?

  • Call a sick neighbor
  • Call a latchkey child everyday
  • Make calls for your SHARE host site

Church member?

  • Teach a lesson or religious education classes
  • Be a committee member
  • Work on church activities
  • Help with maintenance or landscaping
  • Assist in the church office
  • Assist in church choir
  • Watch children in the nursery

Like to help others?

  • Cook for a sick friend
  • Be a member of child's PTA/PTO or help teachers
  • Participate in a Neighborhood Watch Group
  • Care for elderly or sick friend
  • Baby-sit for a friend
  • Organize block or apartment party

Have special skills?

  • Fix cars
  • Give haircuts
  • Knit or crochet items for non-profit groups
  • Do plumbing, electrical carpentry work for a friend
  • Bake cookies for child's class or church
  • Use a computer to make flyers for a SHARE host site

Strong and healthy?

  • Help with distribution at my host site
  • Help people move
  • Call Visiting Nurses Associations to see if anyone needs help with chores around the house
  • Contact your local animal shelter, our furry friends need TLC

Enjoy talking?

  • Give a presentation on SHARE to community groups
  • Call legislators and advocate for bills supporting the hungry and homeless
  • Call Visiting Nurses Association for referrals of people who are lonely and in need of companionship

Like to garden?

  • Work in community block gardens
  • Mow a neighbor's yard
  • Pull weeds for a senior or disabled neighbor's yard
  • Plant a tree
  • Plant and care for flowers around the neighborhood
  • Grow extra food in your garden to give others

Like a clean community?

  • Paint out graffiti
  • Adopt an area of a street or road to keep clean
  • Pick up litter at a local park
  • Recycle items from your neighborhood
  • Provide bins for recycling in your apartment complex

Enjoy community groups?

  • Volunteer at local library, hospital or school
  • Help with boys and girls clubs
  • Volunteer at community agencies
  • Help out at local food pantry/soup kitchen
  • Assist in Little League
  • Volunteer at senior center
(Self Help and Resource Exchange)
SHARE Iowa, Inc., brings people together to build and strengthen community through volunteer service by providing access to good, nutritious food at affordable prices. We are committed to supporting local neighborhood host sites where all may participate, serve and lead with dignity.
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